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Team : Meet the Team
Mission Statement

Heart and Sol Collective Strives to make an impact on the current reproductive disparities that negatively affect the global majority.

Through full circle inclusive support services, we will meet the needs of our community by offering educational workshops, doula services, lactation support, mental health services & BIPOC centered entrepreneurial opportunities and support.

Our goal is to serve individuals and families impacted by structural & systematic barriers during the perinatal period and beyond to increase positive health outcomes for Las Vegas families through one-on-one advocacy and community partnerships that serve to challenge and change systems of oppression and inequity.

Vision Statement

Community Collaboration: With an open heart, may we rise together with the confidence of el sol. The mindset of community over competition honors the unique offerings we can contribute and give.

Advocacy: We aim to nourish, grow, and shine light within & upon our community. From the individual to the collective empowering others to stand in their power makes all of us stronger. 

Respect: We honor the generational wisdom of our ancestors, the intuitive strength of each person we welcome into our space and work to uplift voices within the communities we serve.

Rest: We recognize the necessity of self-care and sustainable practices to show up for our communities in responsible and attuned ways. 

Health: We commit to being responsible stewards of service understanding our actions directly impact our communities' health. We vow to be respectful occupants of the lands we live and work on. We are intentional in creating psychologically and physically safe spaces. 

Value Statement
Meet the Founders
Kaleigh Mancha

LMFT, Certified Full Spectrum Doula

Kaleigh Mancha (she/her) is co-founder of Heart and Sol Collective and has been a licensed mental health therapist for the past 14 years, certified full spectrum doula for over a decade, trauma informed yoga teacher and mami. Advocating for underserved communities and historically marginalized & oppressed groups has been a lifelong passion of hers and inspired the idea behind cofounding the Collective. Kaleigh actively works to decolonize the mental and reproductive health services she offers while incorporating holistic, indigenous & non allopathic approaches to wellness.

Her practice specialties include: complex trauma, life transitions, all reproductive experiences (including perinatal mood & anxiety disorders) & addressing the unique needs of the LGBTQI+, sex worker & BIPOC communities. 

Kaleigh lives by the motto that “Wellness is a necessity, not a luxury”. She believes all people deserve support, community, equitable access to resources and the knowledge to help them live their best lives.

Rikki Jenkins (she/her) is Co-founder of Heart and Sol Collective. She is a Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, Bachelor of Science in Maternal Child Health with an emphasis in Human Lactation and Social Justice.


Rikki is passionate about providing care to new and expectant families, she teaches childbirth education, and breast/chest feeding classes to expectant parents and birth professionals. As well as serves as The President of the Southern Nevada Breastfeeding Coalition, a nonprofit aimed at improving birth outcomes and breastfeeding rates.


Rikki provides all-inclusive services to expectant families and birth professionals.

Rikki Jenkins

IBCLC, CLC, Birth Doula, & Childbirth Educator

Meet the Board Members 

Cristina Hernandez (ella/she/her), is a queer, Latina, feminista, survivor born and raised in Las Vegas and her people come from Mexico and Cuba.  She has been a doula since 2016 and an activist and advocate within the anti-violence, reproductive justice, and LGBTQIA2+ movements for the past 18 years.  She became a doula after the birth of her twins Sofia and Joseph with her spouse, Sy! As a doula she believes birth is transformative and ceremonial. Values important to her are: Informed consent, body autonomy, trauma-informed, affirming & inclusive, and centering clients. 


Joining the Heart & Sol founding Board of Directors is a dream in the making. Our community is in need of and ready to receive the beautiful gifts Heart & Sol will provide! We are surrounded by the love and strength of our ancestors, comrades, and community.

Cristina Hernandez

President, MPH, C-FSD (BADT), C-CBE (DTI) 

Tiara Flynn was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has been volunteering and working since she was a child when she realized her passion for public service. Immediately after graduating high school, Tiara enlisted in the Air Force, where she spent nearly a decade. During that time, she completed three duty assignments, three overseas deployments, and numerous other relief and humanitarian missions throughout the U.S. Halfway through her
military career, Tiara joined her family marketing firm as a majority owner and CEO. Tiara has been a successful business owner for over 12 years, winning various awards and recently thriving through a global pandemic. Today, she runs two small business, an online marketing membership platform, serves on various business and community boards/committees.


From her birth experiences and working with a holistic birth center in Miami, Tiara started helping family and close friends with their birth planning as their “unofficial” doula. The role developed organically. Tiara is now a non-medically trained community worker who supports people during the full spectrum of pregnancy – from preconception to birth, to abortion, to miscarriage, to adoption, and postpartum. Additionally, to expand her
knowledge and to best serve her clients, Tiara recently graduated from a medical assisting program at Northwest Career College and is now a certified medical assistant (CCMA). 

Tiara Flynn

Secretary, Full Spectrum Doula, Certified Medical Assistant (CCMA)

Advocacy – “to change what is, into what should be”

Tiara’s philosophy is that everyone should create their own birth story. She consistently reminds her clients that their doctors, midwives, medical staff, doulas, etc., work for them. Through her doula work, she hopes to help families understand their rights and find their voice throughout the experience. Tiara believes she was called to birth work (more specifically, to be an advocate for the voiceless). Ultimately, her primary goal is to provide families with a positive, healthy, and happy experience during pregnancy, labor & delivery, and postpartum. With the Phenomenal Mama experience, families will be educated, supported, and have an advocate in their parenting journey.

Jordan Fullow

Treasurer, Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, Certified Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga Instructor, Childbirth Educator and Mama.

As a Las Vegas native, Jordan Fullow is honored to support and serve families in her hometown.

Jordan's love for holistic health expanded after giving birth to her own daughter. She set out to learn as much as she could about birth work, lactation, yoga and childbirth education.

While graciously supporting parents as a Professional Nanny for the past 6 years, Jordan heard a new calling. she dove deeply into becoming a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula and just couldn’t stop there. She craved more knowledge after having a difficult time breastfeeding & she yearned to know how to guide and support birthers down this new journey, so she started my training as a Lactation Consultant. This motivated me to become a Childbirth Educator-giving me the tools to empower and educate women + parents through their birthing options. Jordan kept going — she had to know the best movements + relaxation techniques for her clients, so she indulged in becoming a Certified Prenatal & Children’s Yoga instructor. Thus leading Jordan to confidently provide personalized, well-rounded care to all of her birthing families.

Brenda Hernandez was introduced to reproductive justice work early on in her career, and ever since then, she's been advocating for a healthcare system that is compassionate, equitable, and focuses on true healing of the mind, body, and spirit

Over the past twelve years, She's had various roles, including program management, event planning, and grant writing within local community-based organizations that address health inequalities and increase access to care. 

Her drive is deeply rooted in collaborating with QTBIPOC communities that share her vision of a world where marginalized people are liberated from systems of oppression. Heart & Sol Collective is an organization that resonates with her values and commitment to uplifting diverse voices and advocating for healing and empowerment within our community. 

Outside of my advocacy work, Brenda finds joy in exploring nature, dancing at music festivals, and cherishing moments with her wife, Alma, and our beloved fur babies—Butters, Benito, and Brujita

Brenda Hernandez

Queen at Arms, Reproductive Justice Activist

Although she hold many titles, “Mama” happens to be her most cherished one of all. In her downtime, she genuinely enjoys having the opportunity to watch her spunky daughter laugh & grow. Becoming a mother has always been one of Jordan's biggest dreams. They often find themselves going on fun adventures or vibing out for the day watching Finding Nemo or Coco together! Outside of her beautiful daughter, Jordan enjoys hiking, trying new restaurants, and nourishing her spiritual practices.

A guiding quote that currently echoes in my mind: "No me van a quitar lo único que me hace libre hoy en dia, MI VOZ".

I saw this quote in the streets of Mexico and it perfectly encapsulates the importance of using my voice, gifts, and talents for collective liberation.

Ednalyna Martin

Board Member, IBCLC, LC(CBI), HBCE, Dip CBEd, CD-L, Reiki

Ednalyna Martin (or Edna) is a Doula, IBCLC, Childbirth Educator, Postnatal Massage and Reiki Certified. 

As a birth keeper, she strives to ensure that the community she works with feels safe, heard, and have access to care they need, and deserve. 

She saw so much alignment in the mission, vision, and values of Heart & Sol which is why she was inspired to be a part of the Collective. 

Edna enjoys being around nature, exploring new places, supporting local efforts and businesses, and being intentional and present as she and her husband raise three spirited girls and four furbabies. 

A quote that has really helped me in my life is

"Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but how we react to what happens; not by what life brings us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst a spark that creates extraordinary results." U.K. 

Kelsey Daniels is a mama of two, wife and doctor of physical therapy who works with pregnant/postpartum mama’s and babies in their homes. She’s trained in pelvic health (including internal techniques as appropriate) and loves to help mom’s find their footing in those early years. She is the only provider in the Las Vegas valley that also treats children including newborns/infants for torticollis, head shape, feeding and reducing milestone anxiety. Kelsey is a working mama of two under 5 so she understands the transition back to the office and the exhaustion of pumping, feeding and the desire to still nurture your dreams and ambitions. Currently offering in-home sessions, play groups and more in the Las Vegas valley!

"Change is inevitable, growth is optional" -James Maxwell

Headshot 02.2023.JPG
Kelsey Daniels

Board Member, PT, DPT

Jshauntae Marshal

Board Member

Jshauntae Marshall (affectionately known as Jai), is a Certified Full Spectrum Doula and highly sought-after business development consultant for small to medium sized businesses who serves among the top social justice advocates in the Las Vegas Valley.

Jai is known for her extensive nonprofit work within the valley as a mother and Co-Founder of 1865 No Racism in Schools, a parental advocacy group birthed out of the “threated school shooting” targeting 9 African American students of Arbor View High School in March of 2019 (one of which was her son). Her relentless volunteer work with CCSD Admin, Teachers, Staff, Local Elected Officials, Parents, and Students. School Safety being her focus, she worked to close the gaps in policy, laws, and protocols which governs equity and diversity surrounding children of diverse ethnicities, the developmentally disabled, students of the LGBT, and students of diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

Favorite Quote:

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